Breast Reduction in Turkey

Breast reduction operation is an aesthetic surgery that reduces the size and weight of large and heavy breasts, creates more aesthetically pleasing and more suitable lines for the patient’s body.

Big breasts cause very important health problems in women. The most important of these are;

  • Neck, back and shoulder pain,
  • Discomfort caused by rash and smell from the contact of the breasts on the abdomen,
  • Restriction of physical activities and inability to wear the desired clothes,
  • Pithole deformity created by the bra strap on the shoulder

It is known that the growth of breast tissue is mostly familial. Weight gain, births and breastfeeding process increase the size and sagging of the breasts. Both of your breasts may not be the same size. In order to ensure symmetry in breast reduction surgery, different surgery techniques may be required for both breasts.

Purpose in breast reduction surgery; To eliminate the patient’s complaints, to obtain symmetrical breasts of equal size and form. It is desirable to have a small scar and ensure that the patient is able to breastfeed after the intervention, but this is not possible with all techniques. For this, you need to talk to your doctor in detail.

Am I a Suitable Candidate for Breast Reduction Surgery?

Breast reduction operation is a safe and effective option for women with large and heavy breasts. Women with very large breasts (usually D and above) may experience physical pain and discomfort, as well as dissatisfaction with their appearance. Oversized breasts can cause back and shoulder pain, skin irritation, bra strap marks, posture problems, and restrictions in physical exercise. The interview with a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon is the first step to find out if you are a suitable candidate for this procedure.

What Should You Expect From Breast Reduction Operation?

The results of your breast reduction surgery will be long lasting. Your new breast size can increase your self-confidence and satisfaction with the shape of your body, as well as relieve the pain and physical limitations you experienced before surgery.

Does breast reduction make cancer?

Breast reduction does NOT make breast cancer. It is diagnosed early, if any, due to pre-procedure examinations and the regular breast follow-up of these patients.

Is there any loss of sensation in the breast after breast reduction surgery?

There is no loss of sensation in the breast after breast reduction surgery.

Is breast reduction surgery difficult?

Breast reduction surgery is not a difficult operation. In general, patients may feel pain for the first 2 days, but they can return to their daily activities, including the next day.

Is breast reduction surgery risky?

Breast reduction surgery has similar risks that every surgery carries. It has no specific risk.

Breast Reduction Price in Turkey

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