Zirconium Crown in Turkey

zirconium crownZirconium is an alloy used in porcelain teeth that forms the infrastructure of prosthetic teeth. With zirconium, the teeth move away from the artificial image, looking white and providing a more natural and aesthetic smile to the person.

Zirconium treatments are highly developed and applied during many dental treatments. Zirconium crown treatment is considered suitable for the yellowing of the teeth, which cannot be removed genetically or inherently, in tooth color changes, diastema and perplexity treatments, in the aesthetics of smile and restoration of tooth loss.

One of the biggest advantages of zirconium crown treatment to the person is that it provides a natural appearance. It provides an aesthetic and natural smile to the person, thanks to its ability to transmit light, especially due to its zirconium structure. This naturalness may not be achieved in other porcelain treatments.

Zirconium treatments can be used for a long time with proper diagnosis and treatment. Zirconiums, known as biocompatible materials, also adapt very well to a person’s dental tissue. Zirconium alloy, which does not show any allergic reaction after the treatments, does not change the person’s sense of taste and improves the bite-chewing ability of the teeth.

What Are The Differences Between Metal Supported Crowns And Zircon Crowns?

zirconium crown turkeyThere is no light transmittance in metal supported crowns. Due to the light transmittance in zircon crowns, the aesthetic image closest to the natural tooth is achieved. Metal supported crowns corrode over time. Disadvantages such as discoloration of the gums, metallic taste in the mouth, gum recession may occur.

Zircon supported crowns do not corrode. It does not cause any disadvantage such as color change in the gums, metallic taste in the mouth, gum recession.

Zircon crowns are a type of metal with high texture compatibility.

How To Make Zirconium Crown ?

First Session for Zirconium Crowns: After your first examination is decided to make zirconium crowns, our dental incision is made under local anesthesia, your measurements are taken, your temporary coating is attached. The color of porcelain suitable for your tooth is determined.

Second Session for Zirconium Crowns: Infrastructure is rehearsed for zirconium crowns (this session can be skipped in case of time problem).

Third Session for Zirconium Crown: The finished zirconium crown is rehearsed, its contacts are permanently adhered by checking its anatomical, biological compatibility and functional integrity.

What is the zirconium crown color? How should zirconium care be?

You can choose the tooth color you want with zirconiums. You can also have extra white teeth with the special color option we apply in our clinic.

Good news to you! Your teeth never change color again. Zirconiums do not show serious coloration as long as care is taken for oral care.

However, in patients who do not pay attention to oral hygiene, excessive smoking tea and coffee consumption, stains may occur in natural teeth. This comes back to the first day in dental cleaning.

How many teeth should be covered for Smile Aesthetics?

When our patients want a smile design from us; We look at how many teeth appear in his biggest smile. In general, this number is 10 for the upper jaw and 10 for the lower jaw. Sometimes this number rises to 12 in men. The planning to be done before the procedure is very important especially for our patients who want tooth color change.

What is the price of Zirconium Crown?

Quantity price of zirconium coatings is 200EUR-180 GBP. We have special package options according to the number of teeth to be made. Again, there is a 10% discount advantage in cash payments.

If you want to get more information about zirconiums and create a special treatment plan, you can contact us on +905443480787.

In order to determine your treatment, it is important to send us a few dental photos before the procedure.