Thigh Lifting in Turkey

thigh lifting in turkeyThe upper part of the legs loses tension due to weight loss, aging, births, and loosening and sagging occur on the inner thigh. With weight loss, not exercising and aging, relaxation in the inner legs accelerates. In addition to aesthetic problems, inner leg problems cause friction while walking, disturbing patients. There are various treatment methods for the inner legs, which is a difficult area to correct due to its very thin skin structure. If you want to get rid of these sagging and irregularities, leg (thigh) stretching surgeries are the right option.

What is thigh lifting surgery?

The surgery, performed by liposuction and / or surgical removal of sagging tissues, takes 1-2 hours under general anesthesia.

Evaluation of Prolapse Before Thigh Lift Surgery : Before the operation, the sagging should be graded. Both the amount of fat inside the legs should be measured, and the sagging should be measured and the patient should be informed about the incision area.

In thigh lifting surgery, sutures usually remain in the leg and extend into the groin area. In this way, the seam scar is not observed when viewed from the outside.

How is the healing process after surgery?

You can return to your daily life within 1 week with the exercise restriction of up to 4 weeks.

Is it possible to operate without surgery?

Frequent weight loss, relaxation, sagging etc. With many complications, it is not possible to recover saggy skin with sports or diet due to the decrease of fat tissue in the legs and loss of skin elasticity. In these people, surgery is the only treatment method.

Is the result of Thigh Lifting operations permanent?

After lifting, the aging process continues and some relaxation occurs in the thighs. Losing weight can speed up this process. However, it never returns to its original state. It is important for patients to pay attention to their weight and have regular sports and skin care in order to maintain the result obtained by surgery.