Laparoscopic Surgery in Turkey

laparoscopic surgeryLaparoscopic (minimally invasive method) is a special application area of surgery. Laparoscopy, which started to be applied in the surgery of women’s diseases in the past, has been used in gallbladder, hernia, spleen, liver, stomach and intestine operations with the developing technology and has become increasingly common. In the traditional open surgical technique, the surgeon had to make an incision covering the abdomen from side to side to reach the abdomen. In laparoscopic technique, operations can be completed with a few incisions (ports) of 0.5-1 cm in size. Cannules entered into the abdomen from port locations are called trocars. The camera, which is used to see the inside of the abdomen from the trocars, and many specially developed instruments for laparoscopic technique are advanced and the operations are completed. In laparoscopic technique, the inside of the abdomen is inflated with carbon dioxide gas. In this way, the abdominal organs move away from each other and a space field is obtained that can perform surgery. Images from the camera are transferred to the operating room by high-resolution video monitors. During surgery, the surgeon monitors the images from inside the abdomen. This system allows the surgeon to perform many of the operations performed by traditional methods with much smaller incisions.

What are the advantages of laparoscopic surgery?

Compared to open surgery, patients have less pain, faster recovery and shorter hospital stays. In addition, the surgery completed from small incisions has better cosmetic results.

Which operations can be performed with laparoscopic technique?

Cancers of the digestive system (large intestine, rectum, stomach, esophagus), inflammatory bowel diseases (Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis), gastro-esophageal reflux disease and gastric hernia surgeries, abdominal wall and some of the operations of inguinal hernia, rectal prolapse, gallbladder, spleen and liver can be performed by laparoscopic method. In the past, it was believed that cancer operations should not be performed with laparoscopic method. However today, many scientific studies show that laparoscopic technique achieves the same oncological quality as open surgery. Laparoscopic technique is widely and safely used in the treatment of cancers caused by abdominal organs around the world.

How safe is  laparoscopic surgery ?

Laparoscopic technique is as safe as open surgery. The fact that laparoscopy is so safe is based on the experience of the surgeon who performed it. Many bowel operations may have bleeding and infectious complications due to anesthesia (although much less). This risk depends on the nature of the disease. In addition, the patient’s health and general performance may cause complications. Before any surgery, you should discuss with your surgeon about any possible risks.