Hair Transplant in Turkey

Hair transplantation can be expressed as the ’permanent solution to the problem of hair loss’. Hair transplantation surgery can be defined as a micro-surgical operation performed in a hospital environment and micro-surgical operation can be expressed with the expression that this operation is a hair transplantation process with much less interventions than normal surgery.

FUE (follicular unit excision) Hair Transplant Operation

Hair transplants have come a long way since the early days, but it wasn’t until the mid 1990’s that hair transplantation started to get shape, being performed with techniques that are practised today worldwide. Hair transplants conducted with the FUT technique during the nineties, has been replaced by the FUE method which was developed in the early 2000s and introduced in 2005.  Even though the technique has been in continuous development with some further innovations, the basic principles of FUE have not changed. Today, the technique continues to be regarded as the most advanced hair transplant surgery.

The most advanced and latest technique in hair transplantation operation is FUE technique.

With the FUE method, which is one of the newest and most modern hair transplantation techniques of the recent period and accepted as the gold standard, people who have experienced hair loss are given the opportunity to have natural looking hair.

The difference of the FUE technique used in hair transplantation is that it leaves little marks and shows rapid healing. Depending on the development of the materials used in the FUE method, the success of the operation is also increasing. FUE technique can be performed with a variety of different materials, so the technique is known with a few different names.

These :

  • Classic FUE (via micro motors)
  • Robotic FUE
  • DHI hair transplant (FUE performed with Choi implanters)
  • Sapphire FUE (FUE performed with Sapphire blades)

As an illustration, a FUE hair transplant that is performed with sapphire blades, which has been introduced recently, reveals more successful results. This is because the incisions created by utilizing blades that are made from smooth sapphire crystals, heals faster and leaves only a barely visible scar.

How to do hair transplantation?

The issue of hair transplantation is especially in the care methods that men often apply to today. In this method, the hair follicles taken from the chest, leg-arm, genital area and the back of the head, which are close to the nape area, which are resistant to shedding, are moved to the areas where hair loss is experienced. The reason why the nape parts are used in hair transplantation is that the roots of the hair in this part tend to fall out less because they are insensitive to DHT hormone. The hairs that have been removed from other parts of your body and planted in the hair are unfortunately not prone to fall out. Therefore, even after hair transplantation, you can see your hair loss.

There is unfortunately not an area that shows the property of not shedding, such as the nape hairs found in men for hair transplantation in women. Therefore, the procedures to be applied to women are less likely to be successful than the procedures to be applied to men. The genetic you have is another condition that will cause the loss of your new hair that you have planted. It is essential that you perform this procedure by a qualified specialist doctor.

What Should Be Considered during Hair Transplantation?

You should take care that the doctor you will prefer on behalf of the application of the procedure is definitely an experienced one in the field. One of the biggest mistakes in this process is the fact that people who do not have any experience in this process perform hair transplantation. Before the hair is transplanted, it is absolutely necessary to plan correctly. If you do not have a proper plan before the hair is planted, you may experience separation between the roots, or you may get fluffy and bad-looking hair, such as the hair coming on top of each other at the end of the process. During the hair transplantation process, it is absolutely necessary to ensure that the hair is transplanted in the right direction. As a result of the transplantation of the hair in the wrong direction, problems such as vertical growth of the hair may occur. Another important issue is to take care of the hairs we have taken from the roots in order to do hair transplantation. If the hair follicles are damaged, it can cause you to remain hairless in a way that will no longer be irreversible. Therefore, please pay attention to certain issues during the process.

What is Sedation?

Sedation is a kind of sleep state that is set in depth-controlled, with all the reflexes of the person protected, with sedative drugs that can be individually adjusted and the effect can be scaled accordingly.

Do I Have to Have Sedation?

Sedation is safe enough to be used even in young children and, as we have said before, makes hair transplantation to zero painful level. However, for patients who do not want sedation, our practice of hair transplantation without sedation continues. At this point, the choice is entirely yours.

7 Steps of Hair Transplant Process 

  1. Consultation: This is the stage of determining the operation plan and hairline with the doctor.
  2. Preparation: This covers the stages of sterilization of the operation site of the patient and the application of local anesthesia on the day of the operation.
  3. Extraction: This is the collection of one’s hair grafts from the donor area.
  4. Creating incisions: This is the creating incisions process in accordance with the natural hair direction to the area where the hair will be planted.
  5. Transplantation: The hair grafts are planted at an appropriate angle to the area to be transplanted.
  6. Post-operative Procedures: This includes the wound-dressing of the operation site and the PRP therapy procedures that will accelerate the healing of the hair to be applied the next day.
  7. Post-operative Care and Hair Wash: This is the washing procedure that will be applied for 15 days considering the sensitivities of the transplanted area and the donor area. This process is achieved elimination of scabs and accelerating healing.

The Advantages of FUE technique

  • More dense and natural looking hair can be transplanted.
  • It is a permanent solution from mild hair loss to full hair loss.
  • It is a comfortable technique because it is a procedure developed to minimize the pain of the patients and does not leave any scar or suture mark after the operation.
  • After FUE technique, patients recover quickly, can return to normal life easily and even can travel after 1 day.
  • If a hair transplant operation is planned correctly, the hair follicles taken from the donor area will not be damaged. Even if several operations are performed in this way, there is no negative change in the person’s appearance.
  • Transplanted hair grows at about 98% efficiency in the site where they are planted.

Hair Transplantation Prices In Turkey

Our hair transplantation prices start from 1000 €. We aim to use maximum grafts (min. 3000-4000 grafts). You can send us your head (Upper, Back, Front, Side) photos for a hair transplant price information.

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