About Gastric ByPass Surgery

gastric bypass turkeyIn these operations, also known as Gastric ByPass, a large portion of the stomach is bypassed and a small-volume (approximately 30-50 cc) stomach section is prepared and sewn into the small intestine. In this operation, as in other obesity surgery operations, it is aimed to reduce the volume of the stomach and dispose of some of the consumed food without being absorbed by disabling some parts of the intestines. In this way, patients feel full with less food, and some of the food they receive is absorbed.

How Is Surgery Performed?

Gastric bypass surgery is usually performed with laparoscopic method, as in other obesity surgeries. Surgery is performed by entering the small incisions that open to the abdomen. In this way, the patient is protected to a great extent from risks such as possible wound infection and hernia that may develop after surgery.

Surgery is performed under general anesthesia.

Post-operation for Gastric Bypass

After surgery, patients begin to feel full with small amounts of food intake easily and feeling of satiety after a period of time reaches a normal appetite level, food intake decreases. Depending on the reduced size of the newly created stomach and reduced food absorption, it is necessary to fully comply with the surgeon’s instructions for the use of the necessary vitamin and mineral supplements. The patient can resume normal life by being sent home after 3-4 days.

When Should I Decide On Bariatric Surgery?

If you lose weight by exercising and dieting, and you get more back with their weight after a certain period of time, if you can’t cope with your weight that threatens your health despite all your attempts, you should consult with obesity surgery if you have metabolic syndromes with it.

How Does Obesity Affect Our Lives In General?

Obesity is one of the most chronic diseases today due to the accompanying diseases and environmental problems. In the world, it is considered a disease with high mortality and morbidity.  Insulin resistance, which is the main basis of Type 2 diabetes, is more common in obese people. We see that obesity is one of the most important risk factors for diabetes because 80% – 85% of people with type 2 diabetes are obese.

What are the Risky Illnesses Due To Obesity?

Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, liver disease, sleep disturbance, (sleep apnea) heart disease, joint diseases, psychiatric causes

What Is The Relationship Between Obesity And Diabetes?

Obesity affects the psychology of individuals in addition to the serious health problems caused by excessive overweight. It is thought that genetic, environmental and psychological factors play a major role in the formation and development of obesity. In obese individuals, depressive disorders and anxiety disorders are often seen at the beginning of their psychiatric disorders. (Social phobia, specific phobia, panic disorder, loss of self-confidence, etc.) Therefore, psychiatric treatment is important in the control of obesity.

How Do We Damage Our Joints Due to Obesity?

Obesity, which has become an epidemic illness today, causes damage to the joints of the waist, hips and knees due to the high burden on the joints. Particularly in articular cartilages, abrasion occurs rapidly and leads to tears. Initially, it starts as pain in the joints, and advanced swelling occurs. Over time, movement restrictions also begin. The increase in joint diseases is also observed in the hands of obese people. The risk is much higher in people with BMI 36 and above than in those with BMI 20 and below.

Weight Loss in Turkey

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Obesity is the accumulation of excess fat in our body. However; Obesity is a treatable and reversible disorder. It has been shown that quality of life is increased in 95% of the patients who have undergone obesity surgery and that these people live not only longer but better.

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