Prominent ear is a common problem in our country and all over the world. This situation, which basically does not have an effect on the overall functioning of the body and therefore cannot be qualified as a disease, is a problem that is frequently the subject of applications in aesthetic surgery clinics since it aesthetically disturbs individuals. With the development of medicine and aesthetic operations in recent years, the prominent ear problem can be easily treated using modern and simple techniques. It is useful to correct the prominent ear problem, which leads to psychological problems such as lack of self-confidence and decreased self-esteem due to its aesthetic problems, in order to make the individual live a better life socially.

What is a scoop ear?

ear correctionThe prominent ear problem, also known as the sailing ear, is the most common form of deformity in the ear, and is usually caused by loosening of the cartilage located in the ear area or inadequate ear folds. For these reasons, the ear, which has a loose structure, stands bent forward or to the side, causing an unpleasant appearance. Generally, it can be seen in both ears, but in some people, only one prominent ear has the appearance of ears. Although women can usually hide this problem with the hair left open, especially in men, this is not possible, so men resort to aesthetic surgery more often to correct this problem. The ear, which is a problem that must be prevented due to the psychological problems it may cause, can be easily corrected by simple aesthetic operations thanks to the opportunities provided by modern medicine.

Prominent ear causes

Scoop earedness, which is a completely congenital problem, arises from genetic factors. For this reason, the probability of this problem is quite high in the family, especially those who have a prominent ear problem in their parents. The problems that are transferred familyly and cause the scoop ear are:

Very wide angle between the behind-the-ear bone and the auricle Ear cartilage has a loose structure

The folds in the upper part of the ear do not form and the auricle has a flat structure as if ironed.

Although the relevance of relaxation in the ear muscles with estrogen hormone levels in the blood has been investigated in recent years, no definite and concrete evidence has yet been reached.

What problems does the prominent ear cause?

Scoop-headedness, which causes psychological problems in many individuals regardless of men and women, especially in school-age children, is not particularly welcome in western society, and people with this problem tend to cover up using various accessories or by extending their hair.

People who are uncomfortable with the ears of the bucket may observe up to the complex degree. The problems caused by the clamshell also differ regionally. In far-eastern culture, in some societies, it may be a situation that is not stupid, although it is perceived as a cute appearance especially in women.

However, especially in western societies, where our country can be included, people who have experienced this problem since childhood have been mocked by their environment, and due to this situation, people may experience lack of self-confidence, depression and low self-esteem. For this reason, in order not to cause such social and psychological problems in individuals, the prominent ear problem should be corrected as early as possible with an aesthetic operation.

Prominent Ears Correction

In the past, the problem of the clamshell, which has disturbed people for a lifetime, has become a problem that can be solved easily with simple methods. Scoop ears, which have become a nightmare especially for school-age children, must be treated at the right time and using the right techniques. Scoop ear correction, which is a simple plastic surgery operation that does not carry serious risks, is an operation that should be performed in hospital conditions by a plastic surgeon who is an expert in the field.

Considering the age of the patient, it is performed by applying local or general anesthesia in accordance with the surgeon’s recommendation. Although it varies according to the level of the problem in the ear, the operation usually completed in 45-90 minutes does not require hospitalization.

Depending on the ear structure, the technique and preference of the surgeon, an operation can be performed in front or behind the ear. By applying an aesthetic operation for the root cause of the problem, the ear cartilage is usually shaped as it should be and the ear is repositioned backwards. At the end of the surgery, special tapes are attached to the ear for 1-2 weeks and then removed. The incisions applied during the surgery generally remain behind the ear and there is no scar that can lead to aesthetic problem. Surgery does not affect hearing in the healing process or after recovery, and one can easily continue his normal life.

The healing process, which is performed quite simply and quickly, takes a maximum of 1-2 weeks. At the end of this process, the appearance of prominent ears disappears completely, and the person has natural and appearing ears.

Prominent Ears Correction Recovery Time

One of the most curious subjects for people who want to have a scoop ear surgery is the healing process. Especially for those who do not want to know that they have had this surgery and want to continue their normal life in this process, this surgery will not pose any problem.

The patient is discharged on the same day, especially if general anesthesia is not applied after a short operation in the scoop ear surgery, which is performed quite simply and quickly. The cuts to be made in the operation usually do not require stitches and the healing process takes a maximum of 1-2 weeks. After 1-2 days after the operation, patients can take a shower and return to their routine life easily after a week at the latest. In this process, protecting the ears from external influences increases the success rate of the operation.

At the end of the process, the appearance of prominent ears disappears completely, the person has natural and appearing ears. At the end of the process, people who come to the shape of the ear’s appearance have a great psychological relief and happiness.

Prominent ear correction in children

In the event that a cuff earphone is detected by the family or doctor in babies, it may be possible to prevent the problem by not using surgery in the future by using some elastic bands for several months. In the event that this period is missed or if the prominent ear problem is detected later, the time to be performed is decided as a result of the examination to be performed by the plastic surgeon.

Although the prominent ear surgery can also be applied to adults, it is more suitable for the child to be able to take adulthood in a healthy and psychological way and become a self-confident individual. For this reason, the age range indicated as the most appropriate for the surgery, which is correct to be done in preschool period, is around 4-6 years. In this period, in which ear development is completed, children with a prominent ear problem will be relieved of being ridiculed by their friends during the period they started school and will have a healthier education period.

If you have a prominent ear problem, you can apply to a healthcare provider considering that this situation can be corrected with a very simple aesthetic operation and thus you can prevent many possible social and psychological problems you can.