Buttock Lifting in Turkey

Thanks to the buttock  lift aesthetic surgery, people can eliminate disproportionate body and have a proportional body. It is possible to erect the hip with prostheses, fat injections and various fillings.

The fact that the hips are too flat, have a saggy appearance, look flat due to genetic problems, is an indication that people should benefit from hip aesthetics, but to lift the buttock. Buttock  lift aesthetics offers positive effects on the body that the person has. It is possible to straighten excessively flat or saggy hips with buttock lift and hip aesthetic surgery. Thanks to the buttock  lift surgery, the person can make his own body look proportional. The body line that the person has is more prominent and the expression of the body, like a pencil, can be expressed in full accordance with the person.

In which situations is it necessary to lift buttock?

Due to genetic problems, one’s hip structure can be seen to be extremely flat. It is possible to restore the hip with a fat injection, prosthesis or fillings, as well as reach a distinctive appearance.

With which process alternatives can the buttock  lift surgery be performed?

There are three alternatives to make the hips look aesthetic. The most preferred is the oil injection alternative. Thanks to the oil injection, it is possible to make more than one area of the person reach an aesthetic appearance.

The person can easily choose his own body fat, as it can bring his hip to an aesthetic appearance. It is possible to reach an aesthetic appearance thanks to oil injection.

It helps the person to get the desired efficiency for a more permanent and long time.

Fat injection helps people up to 1.5 – 2 years to have an aesthetic appearance. When done again, it is possible to extend this period.

How to do buttock  lift surgery?

Making the hips aesthetic is possible with three different alternatives. These are divided into three as oil injection, filling and prosthesis. Fat injection is done by getting enough fat from the body. This method, also known as liposuction, enables the person to get a lot of efficiency and also helps the hip to have an aesthetic appearance.

When buttock lift surgery is performed with fat injection, the hip becomes more prominent.

It can be done with buttock lift, that is, hip aesthetic filling process. It is possible that the injected filling can bring the hip to a significant level. The hip becomes a little more rounded and pronounced, it is possible to get rid of the flat hip appearance. In this way, hip aesthetics is provided and the person can achieve the desired look.

Filling surgery with prostheses causes a certain gap to be opened on the hip. Prostheses are placed after a certain line is opened. Prostheses specially created for hips are similar to those used in breast prostheses. Specially produced for the hip has a slightly harder structure. In this way, the person can create his own aesthetic appearance. After the prostheses are placed, the stitch is sutured. In this way, the person can reach the desired look and make his / her own choice of clothes more easily.

What are the advantages of buttock lift surgery?

All these advantages cause the person to get more efficiency from the surgery. The sagging and flat hip appearance seen in excessive weight loss, age progression, flat hip formation, genetic problems can be eliminated with butt aesthetic surgery. The fact that the person can reach his own body with an aesthetic appearance causes these surgeries to be preferred.

Many people had the desired hip appearance thanks to the butt lift surgery and this hip appearance could positively affect their social life.

Wearing the desired outfit is made possible by buttock  lift surgery. When a person wears clothes, a flat hip appearance does not occur, and the person has a pronounced hip, resulting in a rounded appearance.

Many people have a flat hip due to genetics, weight loss, accident and various problems. It may become annoying that especially weak people experience this problem.

Thanks to the hip aesthetic surgery, people can have the desired hip structure.

What are the reasons for choosing buttock  lifting with oil injection?

Fat injection surgery provides aesthetic appearance of two regions at the same time. The person reaches an aesthetic appearance by using his own oil in another region. Using oil in another region ensures that the area becomes fuller. This method is quite effective in hip aesthetics.

The person should not shower for three days and, if possible, should not be submerged for a long time.

According to the alternative to the surgery, the stitches will be damaged and the person will be at risk of infection. Therefore, the person should behave carefully by considering these issues.

High level of carelessness will affect recovery time positively. The person should not do any heavy work and lift weights for three days. Otherwise, it will be a matter of pain.

Buttock Lift Price in Turkey

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