eyebrow liftingThe structure of the eyebrows may be low due to genetic reasons, as well as aging and loosening of the tissues, the eyebrows hang down as a result of aging. Frequent weight loss and loosening of the skin can be a factor in the loss of eyebrows. It is necessary to add previous facial palsy and some surgeries.

Eyebrows are an important facial area that directly affects the gaze and facial expression and has a dominant role in facial expressions in terms of position and shape. Eyebrows, which can make the face look alive, energetic, joyful, can cause a tired and sad, old facial expression.

Eyebrow lifting operations (Brow Lift) can be performed alone, as well as temporal lift, forehead lift, upper eyelid aesthetics (blepharoplasty).

Eyebrow tissue, which loosens with aging, sags under the effect of gravity, and may impair the aesthetics of the eye area by pressing on the upper eyelid. An older expression dominates the face. Diseases such as facial paralysis and tumors on the face can lead to sagging eyebrows.

While eyebrow lifting aesthetics may be sufficient alone in adolescent and middle age group of young adolescents, eyelid aesthetics, forehead and temple stretching can be added to this in later years.

What is Browlift Aesthetics?

The structure of the eyebrows varies by gender. While it is more curved in women, it looks flatter in men. Eyebrows are in harmony with eyes and nose, in certain proportions and angles. Whether structurally or dependent on aging, low-looking eyebrows give the person an unhappy and tired look. Bringing the eyebrows to their normal shape and angles gives an active appearance while emphasizing the eyes, making the eyes more active and impressive.

How is Eyebrow Lift Aesthetics Made?

It can be performed with scalp, but it can be applied by making a smaller incision (green color in the picture), full muscle (white color in the picture) or by entering through the upper eyelid (blue color in the picture). The permanence of eyebrow lifting operations, whether there will be any traces, the success of obtaining the desired eyebrow shape, whether it is under local or general anesthesia varies based on the technique to be applied.

The choice of technique is determined based on the patient’s needs, expectations, whether it will be accompanied by other operations (eyelid aesthetics, face lift, forehead, etc.) and the surgeon’s experience in these techniques. In eyebrow removal operations performed through the eyelid and muscle, there is almost no trace compared to classical techniques, but the duration of its permanence is relatively less.