Arms Lifting in Turkey

armsliftingThe upper arm, the skin of the pacifier, may sag as a result of the advancement of age and especially the weight gain and loss. It bothers the person when he lifts the arm upwards and wears short-sleeved clothing. Arm aesthetics has also become essential for body beauty.

Why does the skin of the arm hang down?

Depending on the aging process, the effect of gravity, loss of elasticity of the skin and reduction of subcutaneous fat tissue, especially sagging in the skin from the back and inner face of the upper arm towards the elbow.

How is arm lifting surgery planned?

The surgical technique to be performed depending on the sagging rate of the skin and the thickness of the subcutaneous adipose tissue is decided. If there is a skin loosening due to weight gain and weight loss, the skin may be too thick. Then liposuction is applied first. Surgical removal of the abundant skin is done after liposuction. Sometimes the abundance of skin is limited to the armpit.

The abundance of skin can then recover, leaving a limited scar that can be hidden under the seat. In most cases, the abundance of skin is in the form of a bagging that continues up to the elbow. In this case, the arm extending from the armpit to the elbow leaves a trace left in the back of the arm, stretching the arm. This trail is not visible at the front and rear view.

What should be considered after how long the surgery?

Arms lifting surgery is performed under general or local anesthesia in hospital conditions. The operation time is on average 1.5-2 hours. While those who have local surgery can be discharged on the same day, patients who have surgery under general anesthesia can be discharged the next day. It is allowed to take a shower 2 days after the operation. In the first days, an elastic bandage is used. The arms are tried to be kept above the level of the heart. No stitches are required. Sports activities are allowed after 4-6 weeks.

Can breast sagging and arm sagging surgery be performed together?

Sagging problems occur throughout the body after serious weight losses. The sagging of the breasts is generally associated with the sagging of the arm from the armpit area. For this reason, breast collection surgery can be collected together with arm sagging. Thus, it is possible to obtain a more aesthetic appearance. (See combined surgeries home page)

Stages of Arms Lifting Operation

  1. As with all surgical procedures, the first step is general anesthesia. In the lift and cosmetic surgery for arms the surgeon resorts to total anesthesia.
  2. The doctor makes a surgical incision. The surgical incision is made in the armpit, its size and length depend on the amount of fat and skin to be eliminated during the operation.
  3. The desired cosmetic surgery is conducted, whether it is a skin tightening and removal of arm wrinkles only or it is a liposuction for the arm followed by the process of skin tightening.
  4. The doctor closes the surgical incision, puts bandages on the arms and enters the patient in the stage of resuscitation and the wait of the results.


By removing loose skin, an arms lifting can give your upper arms a more toned appearance. Arms lifting results are typically long lasting. Remember, however, your skin will naturally lose some firmness as you age and some sagging might occur. Maintaining a stable, healthy weight can help you retain your results.

Arms lifting surgery prices

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